About Us

Our Mission

  • Operate in an efficient, sustainable, safe and innovative manner.
  • Protect our client’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Create value for all clients and employees.
  • Recognize our accountability to our community, industry peers and employees.
  • Our mission is fundamentally predicated on honoring these responsibilities in all our work, in accordance with the principles we share.
  • Work withCompany Us !!

    At Seth Environmental Consult, we believe in creating and providing innovative solutions to multifaceted quality, health, safety, security and environment problems. We strive to make every man-hour provide value for money spent


    • To provide outstanding bespoke solutions to quality, health, safety, security and environment challenges that meets international standards and in line with global best practice.
    • To meet or exceed regulatory requirements for our clients and assist clients move from the traditional compliance based approach to an internally driven culture of excellence.
    • To create an organizational structure for robust internal processes, optimal talent utilization, mentoring and coaching for career enhancement and regular performance assessment.